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Terms & Conditions


We will review request to place an ad of any kind  with us , purchase any promotional material, printed material, video, images or otherwise . There are serveral layers of policy, limitations, restrictions and criteria we as a compnay need to meet. This is due to our relationships or use of our vendors, partners, web-hosting, our own policies and leagal limitations.

We cannot send advertisements for any overtly sexually charged content. In addition, imagery on any advertisement, regardless of subject matter, cannot be overtly sexual in nature, neither visual or by innuendo.  Nudity of any kind is not allowed.

If you keep in mind that we are non-controversial, non-political and family friendly and honor God, you should be fine.
But just a few pointers:  No Adult themes , nudity, sexual inuendo,  gambling, as well as some limitations or restrictions on alcohol, firearms, tobaco, vaping etc. When in doubt ask . 

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