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What are we about?

We are about encouraging the great comeback!

We are about helping businesses (large or small) reaching their full potential.
We help you enter new markets and gain new prospects.
We are about helping the entrepreneur realizing their dream!
We are about providing services to fit all budget levels.
We are about doing business with integrity, Christian values and honoring God.
We are family friendly.
We are proud to be Americans.
We appreciate our Veterans and first responders.
We are not about politics or controversies.

 We have 43 years of diverse experience in sales, business ownership, ministry and non-profits. In 2020 when Covid hit we decided to take that experience and apply it to the times we were living in. We set out to help the small businesses, churches, ministries and missionaries. We wanted to help them retain a presence while in the locked down world we were living in. Our Charitable website, "Your Giving Ministry" was born (A Christian Community Marketplace). We had reached over 615 cities/towns in the USA, 50 states and DC. We also reached 35 countries.
(We transitioned into Joshua Courage Brands).
One year later Joshua Courage Brands was born with the same spirit in mind to help businesses get through, get passed, forge ahead and flourish.
Oh by the way,  Joshua Courage is the name but more importantly it is a character attribute every one in business needs. Think about it! 
God Bless
Matt & Jennifer

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